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Our Story

Bruce and Alisa - Arte Bar Owners

Hello, We are Bruce and Alisa, we started Arte Bar in 2017 with the desire to create a place where people could be creative in an informal and fun environment, and could disconnect, relax and be inspired.


We didn't come up with the idea of painting and wine events (it started

in the United States), but when we started Arte Bar in Barcelona,​​ our goal was to take it to the next level and set the standard for what a painting night might look like.


The passion for Arte Bar dates back to California (where we are from) and to Artworks, the fine arts school that we created and ran for ten years. In 2008 we decided to fulfill our dream of living in Europe and, together with our three dogs, we moved to the south of France. There we created Raison d'Art, a fine arts retreat for teenagers. It was an amazing experience, but after 6 years we weren't ready to get lost in rural France forever and we moved to Barcelona to open Arte Bar.


Arte Bar is the culmination of everything we have learned throughout these years and we are proud to have been the first painting and wine studio in Barcelona and now the first in Madrid.


We believe that everyone can enjoy the painting process and the satisfaction of creating something unique. There are no rules in our classes, just lots of guidance, personalized attention, and positive vibes.


We hope to see you in our studios in Barcelona or Madrid.

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