1 month old.

April 5, 2017

Arte Bar opened it's doors on March 1, 2017 and our first painting and wine night was the following week. Since then, we have had 2 private parties and 6 paint nights. I'd say that's pretty good for our first month. One of our private parties was for Owen, who turned 13. We don't allow kids younger than 15 at our paint nights, but you can schedule a private event (birthday parties for all ages, team-building, girls night out, etc). Starting from nothing with a business that isn't well known here in Barcelona makes it a bit difficult. We try to explain what we do and the first thing people do is look confused...then we explain it better and they get it. The word is getting out though and we have a few more private parties booked in April and have already done 2 paint nights this week. The important thing is for us to keep adding new paintings to the calendar each month, so Bruce and our other instructors have to create new paintings each month. There are a few "hits" that will stay on the calendar...especially La Sagrada Familia, as it's a super fun painting and a Barcelona landmark. But to keep it interesting and people coming back, we'll have new paintings each month. Here are some shots of some of the paint nights we have had so far. Looking forward to many more.











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