The Arte Bar sign is up!

February 20, 2017



Finally our sign at Arte Bar has been installed. Everyone in the neighborhood has been peeking into the space wondering what what going on. Now it's official. The next step is the roll-up door. It just got painted black and we'll be adding our website and some text (not sure what though). We want it clean and classy. 


Although our sign has been installed, it will be replaced. Yes, replaced. The workers who installed it did a great job, until the end, when one of them thought it needed a couple more screws in the back. He went back up and placed 2 more screws. The first was fine, but the second came through the front. My husband and our contractor Albert were there and the workers didn't mention it, although it was clearly visible. My husband showed it to them and they said "oh, it's fine, no big deal". Seriously? 


Albert came out and saw it and told the workers that it was unacceptable and then the argument started. All in Castellano, back and forth, it got really heated. So much, that the workers just packed up and left. I called the company and complained and told them it was unacceptable and we wanted a new sign asap, and if they wouldn't replace it I would reverse my bank payment. They were so nice and understood and our "new" 2nd sign will be installed this week. Things aren't easy to get done here, but I was super impressed the company had no problem replacing the sign. That's great customer service. Hopefully they won't send the same workers back!






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