A Few Bumps in the Road, but......

February 13, 2017


This makes us very happy to be able to put this up. It's been a long couple of months getting the studio ready for the Grand Opening! We signed on the space back in December and had hopes that we'd be ready to open February 1st. But with all the holidays at the end of December and first week of January, nothing much got done. Then we had a few things happen that stalled the bathroom renovation, so another week was added. Then a few other things came up (which always happens) and now we are now only 18 days away from opening our doors.


Our contractor Albert is amazing and has been so great to work with. He's honest, a hard worker and has a great eye for detail. He only speaks Castellano, no English. Our Castellano isn't so great (yet), but we have done pretty good dealing with him. He has renovated the bathroom and chose the most beautiful floor tiles. He made 4 custom steel frame tables and we'll be installing the wood tops tomorrow with him. We purchased super cool chairs (with backs, that swivel and can go up and down). Lighting was one of the hardest parts, when you're sitting at a table with an easel you want good light, but not too much so that's it cast shadows and is glaring. We love what we chose. Some of the lights are up and the rest will go up this week. Our outside sign will be installed this week too. The electrical was a big part of the renovation, Albert had to re-wire the whole studio as it was old, outdated and not up to code. This week we'll be painting our roll-up door and cleaning the dust off everything so we can get ready to paint. I'm sure we'll be working right up to the last minute before our opening, but we are excited and ready to introduce Arte Bar to Barcelona.


Stayed tuned for more pictures of the studio, once it's clean enough to take a photo! Right now, I'd be embarrassed to post a photo. 


We hope to get a great turnout for the Grand Opening Party and get the bookings going. Starting a new business is hard and even harder in a foreign country. But it's all coming together and we are so thrilled.



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