Private Painting Event Barcelona.

December 20, 2016

Our first Arte Bar private party last week was a huge success.  Yes L'Escala Language School wanted to offer something fun and different for their english learning students and Arte Bar fit the bill. The event was held at their location, so we had to limit the amount of people, as the rooms were small, but we made it work. The owner of the school picked the painting to be created and we brought everything to them. 


Most of the people hadn't painted in years and were a bit nervous, but we made it fun with no-pressure and the end results were fantastic. Most of the painting they did was with a palette knife, which can be tricky to use. So we did some practicing on a sheet of paper so they could get used to the knife. 


We started with some wine, to calm the nerves and off we went. The evening was so much fun and everyone was open and willing to go for it. Our motto is "perfect is boring" and it's true. If you want something to be perfect, take a photo.  We started out with the background and then layered on the flowers and then the stems. A super fun 2.5 hours with some great ladies. 


If you're looking for a team-building or private event in/around Barcelona, give us a call. We can host it at our location or at another location of your choice (we'll bring everything you need and we handle the set-up and clean-up). Our studio won't be open until mid-January, when the construction is completed, but we are available before that for any off-site events throughout Barcelona.









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